Our client slipped and fell on a concealed oily substance and suffered a significant back injury that resulted in a mediated settlement of $350,000.  

slip and fall in defective apartment bathroom: $275,000  

Our client slipped and fell injuring his eye on a dangerous condition in the bathroom of an apartment he had recently rented.  The case settled for $275,000 after mediation.

bicycle shop owner attacked: $150,000   

Our client settled with his commercial landlord after being attacked by a man living in the commercial space next door. The commercial landlord claimed the lease absolved it of any liability and that it could not have known of the attacker's violent propensities. The mattered settled on the eve of trial in a judge-mediated settlement to our client for $150,000. 

fall disembarking airplane causes knee injury: $150,000   

Our elderly client settled with a slip and fall injury suit with major airline after falling down a flight of stairs while disembarking in the rain. Our client obviously needed help which was not given and forced to carry her own baggage down a slippery flight of stairs. She fell at the bottom due to an uneven step and broker her kneecap. We settled with the airline for $150,000.


Client was at a municipal dog park with her dog when another dog became aggressive over a toy. Client separated the dogs and in the process suffered a bite to her thumb. The insurer for the other dog's owner claimed it may have been the client's own dog that bit client and denied coverage. Through aggressive advocacy, we were able to convince the insurer to reverse its denial and pay for our client's injuries.  

Car rear ended by bus: $125,000

Our client was rear ended by a bus and suffered back injuries. Result: $125,000. 


Our client, a disabled adult, was neglected by her caretaker. The insurer for the agency that employed the caretaker settled with our client for $120,000. 


Our client came to us with a low back injury after having been sued by a motorist in a disputed fault automobile collision. According to the police report, our client was at fault and had entered an intersection in his Porsche on a red light causing a collision with a large pickup truck that went on to collide with several more vehicles after the initial collision. The police report included numerous witness statements most of which blamed our client. After the course of the next two years, we took numerous depositions and what we had known all along eventually became evident-the police report was wrong and it was actually the driver of the pickup who had run the red light. After multiple days of mandatory settlement conference, just before trial, the other driver’s insurance finally agreed to compensate our client for his back injury and paid $115,000 to settle the case.  


While our clients, grandparents and their two grand-kids were driving through an intersection, another vehicle illegally turned left in front of our clients.  The insurer for the other driver contended that the claimed injuries were not severe and not caused by the collision. After aggressive advocacy for our clients, we made a policy limits demand and contradicted the insurer's position regrading our clients' injuries. The insurer paid its entire policy to our clients. 


Our client, a seven-year-old girl, was handed scalding hot chocolate by a teacher at a school fundraiser, causing a burn on her chest. The school district denied responsibility, claiming our client and her mother were the ones responsible for her injuries. We filed the case in court and very shortly before trial the district finally accepted responsibility for its actions.   

grocery store slip and fall: $82,000

Our client slipped and fell in a puddle at a major grocery store chain. Grocery store denied liability claiming it had conducted reasonable and frequent inspections of the store and there was nothing that it could have done to prevent the incident. The grocer brought a motion for summary judgment which we opposed and defeated. The case settled on the eve of trial with the grocery store ultimately compensating our client for her injuries.  

slip and fall in mobile home park laundry room: $75,000

Our client tripped over a threshold at a mobile home park laundry room. She fell and suffered dental injuries. The insurer denied liability claiming the dangerous condition was open and obvious. We got involved and uncovered a building code violation, forcing the insurer to reverse its denial.   


Our client's baby sitter left our infant client in a hot shower causing burns on his face. The attorneys for the defendant contended that the injuries were minimal and did not deserve significant compensation. The case settled for $75,000 at mediation. 


Our client was a homeless bicyclist hit by a vehicle near a highway on-ramp. The insurer tried to take advantage of our client's homelessness and claimed he did not have a rear reflector and caused his own injuries by weaving into traffic. We reversed the insurer's unfounded claims and forced it to pay for our client's injuries.  

slip and fall at resort: $65,000

Our client, a disabled adult, slipped and fell on a slick surface in a parking lot at a resort in Palm Springs, California that resulted in a $65,000 settlement.


Our client was hit by a driver who ran a red light and fled from the scene. We made an uninsured motorist coverage claim and recovered $60,000 to compensate him for a back injury.


Our client injured her wrist when she slipped and fell in a mobile home parking lot. The case was settled at mediation with the mobile home park and the road construction company who paved the parking lot for $45,000. 


Our client was hit from behind by an inattentive teenage driver, causing him back and shoulder injuries. We obtained a pre-litigaiton settlement on his behalf in the amount of $42,000.


Our clients property was damaged as a result of water intrusion and resultant mold. After producing evidence that the landlord had concealed water intrusion, Defendants settled for $39,000.