There are hundreds of thousands of head injuries each year in the US. Traumatic brain injury is the injury that happens when an external force, such as a hit to the head or violent enough jolt to the body, causes the brain to dysfunction. Even mild brain trauma can cause the cells within the brain to be affected. When there is bruising, bleeding, or tearing of tissues this can cause severe complications, including death. Those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries are in need of immediate and precise care for their injury, as well as, a highly specialized and lengthy rehabilitation. 

The high cost of treatment is not the only obstacle many with traumatic brain injury face. Loss of work for both the injured party and their caregiver can cause incredible financial damage and it becomes necessary, at times, for families to file a lawsuit so that they may have compensation that will enable them to pay their bills. 

At Wakeford Gelini we have years of legal experience related to medical issues such as injury or malpractice, and have represented people just like you and your family that are the victims of brain trauma. We can help you if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of car, motorcycle,  18 wheeler accidents, falls, and assault. The brain injury lawyers at Wakeford Gelini have had the opportunity and privilege of working alongside some of the state’s most distinguished neurologists and head injury experts in order to develop a viable solution for our clients that enable them to live their lives as best they can during the recovery period. 

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, call us today. We’d like to help.


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